This is the home for Area J of US Sailing. US Sailing is divided into 11 areas (shown on the map to the right). Area J is comprised of the southern parts of California and Nevada plus Arizona and Utah.

Among the 11 Areas of US Sailing there are 37 so-called "Regional Sailing Associations," of which two are in Area J - Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA) and Yacht Racing Union of Southern California (YRUSC).

US Sailing Championships US Sailing holds numerous national championship regattas each year. For many of these championships there is a qualification process with just one boat from each US Sailing Area qualifying to attend. More information about all of the US Sailing championships is available from the link at the left.

Training for Judges, Umpires and Race Officials US Sailing also provides training and certification for protest committee judges and umpires and for individuals who run sailboat races. More information about the US Sailing programs is available as follows: Judges Program; Umpires Program; Race Managment Program. At the left are links to listings of those individuals in Area J who are certified as judges, umpires and race officials. For more information about the Judges Program you can contact Bill Stump, the Regional Administrative Judge for Area J; for more information about the Umpires Program you can contact Kirk Brown, Chairman of the US Sailing Umpires Committee; and, for more information about the Race Management Program you can contact Mark Townsend, Area Race Officer for Area J.

Appeals Under the Racing Rules of Sailing, US Sailing provides that sailors may appeal protest committee decisions to make sure the rules were properly interpreted and applied. Appeals should be sent to US Sailing (see RRS rule F1.1). However, for appeals orginating from a regatta held in Area J most appeals will be sent to the SCYA Appeals Committee for initial consideration. More information about the Area J appeals process is available from the link at left.

Area J Director & Council Area J is represented at US Sailing by the Area J Director, Jerry Montgomery from Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. Jerry is advised by the Area J Council; more information is available at the link on the left.